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Children’s Dental Treatment - Cosmetic & Family Dentistry of Perkasie - Preventive Oral Care & More

According to the AAPD your child’s first visit should be around their first birthday, unless there is a concern before then. Dental phobias beginning in childhood often continue into adulthood, so it is of paramount importance that children have positive experiences and find their “dental home” as early as possible. We aim to create a friendly, fun, social atmosphere for visiting children, and always avoid threatening words like “drill,” “needle,” and “injection.”

Dr. Moore and Dr. Petersen, along with their staff, fulfill many important functions pertaining to the child’s health overall. Emphasis on the proper maintenance and the care of deciduous (baby) teeth is important. Even though one day they will be lost, proper chewing and eating, space and positioning, and how the jaw bone develops are all dependent on the deciduous (baby) teeth. 

Your initial exam will last approximately one hour. Oral hygiene instructions will be provided along with suggestions to help you care for your child's teeth. In most cases, we will also clean your child’s teeth at this visit and provide an evaluation that will outline your existing dental problems and proposed treatment. Much of your initial exam will be dependent on your child's age, needs and comfort level.